The world’s ONLY concurrent, multi-standard wideband protocol analyser with support for Windows, macOS and Linux. Download blueSPY. free of charge and use with our example captures or captures that have been made using any of our hardware platforms. You do not need the hardware to use blueSPY. Try it today?

blueSPY™ is a concurrent multi-standard wideband protocol analyser offering multiple configuration options to solve ‘real world’ test challenges both in the lab, in production test and in the field. The world’s ONLY protocol analyser that can offer support for the Qualcomm® Bluetooth High Speed Link (QHSBL) and the MediaTek mHDT V1.0 PHY’s to complement classic Bluetooth (BR/EDR), Bluetooth Low Energy, 802.15.4 and WiFi. With support for LE Audio and the flexibility to offer customised PHY options, it is the only protocol analyser that you will ever need.

Key features.

  • The world’s ONLY Protocol Analyser, with concurrent capture of:
    • Classic Bluetooth® (BR/EDR)
    • Low Energy Bluetooth
    • Qualcomm® Bluetooth High Speed Link (QBHSL)
    • MediaTek mHDT V1.0
    • IEEE 802.15.4
    • Customized PHY capability on request
  • Channel Sounding Ready!
  • Support for Windows, macOS and Linux.
  • WiFi packet detection across 13 channels simultaneously.
  • TRUE WiFi PACKET TIMING: all packets, including WiFi, are timestamped accurately by the Moreph SDR.
  • Choice of hardware platforms: moreph30 or mini-moreph.
  • Simple to use, familiar UI.
  • Advanced filtering options to find the packets you want. Filter by device, protocol, PHY, or with arbitrary search queries.
  • Integrated summary view can show any combination of protocols and PHYs together.
  • Spectrum view shows packets and background power.
  • AUTONOMOUS CAPTURE mode for truly portable sniffing.
  • Live or post-capture decryption.
  • All captured packets tagged with RSSI and Frequency offset/tolerance.
  • HCI-UART, HCI-SPI capture and decode.


Yes, all of the PHYs you choose to capture and display (from LE, BR/EDR, QBHSL, 802.15.4, WiFi) are shown in a single list of packets, ordered by precise timestamp. This also includes any proprietary protocol or packet formats.
Yes, you can output captured audio streams to files, and you can export all the packet/protocol analysis (including payloads) to YAML or CSV files.
Yes, a Python/C interface allows the capturing of traffic, and the output of packet contents.
Yes, the captures we create use the industry standard PcapNG format. Captures can be loaded into other tools (e.g. Wireshark), and blueSPY can be used to analyse PcapNG files captured elsewhere.

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