Channel Sounding RF-PHY Layer Tester for the moreph30.

A Bluetooth® Channel Sounding Application for the moreph30 hardware platform. The moreph SDR at the core, when used with a programmable switch box enables all of the tests defined in the Bluetooth Channel Sounding RF-PHY Test Specification and the Channel Sounding Layer Test Specification to be performed. Channel Sounding captures, including raw IQ data, can be exported, and shared with other users for analysis, validate your implementation now!

Key features.

cs test case support

  • Support for all RF-PHY test cases, including BT=2.0 modulation index.
  • Support for all Channel Sounding Layer test cases. using the HCI test command and not via an over-the-air link.


Control and analysis tools

  • Simple control via comprehensive GUI or Python/C dll.
  • Log of all HCI traffic and key events.
  • Export of raw IQ data, spectrogram or entire capture to share.
  • Capture of GPIO time aligned with IQ data


Extensive graphics including

  • 1MHz x 1µs spectrogram of the entire Channel Sounding procedure
  • IQ and demodulated waveforms of wanted and companion signals
  • Gated spectra of initiator or reflector
  • ToF vs channel sounding step
  • Linear phase regression


Comprehensive signal distortions:

  • Programmable clock timing error
  • MITM attacks
  • Additive white gaussian noise
  • Maximum phase in exclusion zone
  • Sinusoidal frequency fluctuations

Use cases:

  • PRE-COMPLIANCE TESTER: Allows the developer to “pre-test” with confidence before committing to test house.
  • SILICON EVALUATION: Capture corrupt waveforms for detailed analysis and perform RF-PHY testing on live links.
  • SILICON CHARACTERISATION: Eliminates the need for additional test equipment, dramatically reducing test time and increasing throughput.
  • RMA ANALYSIS: Simple to use GUI rapidly identifies faults.


Operating modes:

  • SCRIPTED: Scripted support for all RF-PHY test cases and Channel Sounding Layer test cases. Test parameters can be edited to form custom scripts.
  • MANUAL: The unit can act either as an initiator or reflector performing an arbitrary Channel Sounding procedure as defined by the user. If a IUT is attached, then HCI event reports are captured and analysed. All key parameters such as ToF, linear phase regression and spectra are calculated. IQ and spectrum data are available for viewing or export.
  • CALIBRATE: Permits the amplitude and phase response of the moreph30 to be calibrated.


The morephCS can measure time-of-flight and linear phase regression to nano-second accuracy.

The DUT can be tested without being connected to an HCI interface. The morephCS can be manually configured to send out an initiator sequence to the DUT that has been configured as a reflector and is waiting for a Mode 0 transmission. When you run the morephCS the DUT will respond. The morephCS can also act as the reflector with the DUT as initiator. The IQ data is collected during the CS procedure.

Yes, morephCS can perform the “Part H”/”Channel Sounding Layer” tests as well as the RF PHY tests including:

  • modifying transmitted signals to simulate MITM attacks.
  • measuring time of flight and sounding-sequence-based phase linear regression
  • correctness of packet payloads and new channel maps
morephCS can also be used as LE, BR/EDR, QBHSL or 802.15.4 RF PHY Layer Testers, a WiFi Traffic generator or as any of the blueSPY Protocol Analyser options, simply with added licences and application software. It can also be upgraded to provide the morephE Record and Playback functionality, but a hardware modification is required if not initially purchased.

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