RF record/playback option for the moreph30

morephE combines the excellent functionality of the moreph30 with the capability to record and playback the entire 2.4GHz ISM band. It can store up to 4 hours of recordings or user provided waveforms.

The unit may be operated in AUTONOMOUS Mode or attached to a controlling host platform via USB or Ethernet. Exactly what you need for RF site surveys, spectrum planning, interoperability, and receiver testing.

Key features.

  • 4-hour record/playback time.
  • Optional external USB powered RF Amplifier for interference testing.
  • LE Channel Sounding ready!
  • Support for BR/EDR, LE, Qualcomm QBHSL and IEEE 802.15.4.
  • Full bandwidth SDR capable of supporting any bespoke PHY.
  • Customisable for any application – protocol analysis, PHY testing or traffic generation.
  • Ultra-linear receiver and transmitter.
  • Built-in 6 GHz CW source.
  • 16 Channel Logic analyser.
  • USB and Ethernet host interfaces.
  • Development and Production Test options.
  • Open APIs for automated test applications.
  • AUTONOMOUS OPERATION: Execute test scenarios independently of any host.
  • Upgradable to a Protocol Analyser via blueSPY.
  • Small footprint 159mm x 150mm x 47mm.


  • Etherstore Application for record and playback
  • The RF environment analyser application for the morephE can analyse captured files to:
    • Generate a score indicating how challenging the environment is for Bluetooth devices to operate in.
    • Generate a clear channel assessment for Bluetooth devices.
    • Generate a clear channel assessment for WiFi devices.
  • blueSPY Protocol Analyser
  • Bluetooth BR/EDR RF Tester (Development and Production)
  • Bluetooth 5.x LE RF Tester (Development and Production)
  • 802.15.4 RF Tester
  • Qualcomm QBHSL RF Tester
  • MediaTek mHDT RF Tester
  • Bluetooth LE Advertise and scan simulator
  • Bluetooth 5.x traffic generator
  • WiFi traffic generator


There are 2 output file formats supported for recordings, “Volts” and “Raw”. ”Volts” returns the file stored in 32-bit floating point format, with the correction filter applied and scaled to volts across 50Ω at the input to the Etherstore. “Raw” returns the raw 12-bit signed ADC samples.
No, the morephE can operate in autonomous mode. The RF environment application plus the control script can run from a USB drive. When the unit powers up, the application will launch and read in the control script. The script may direct the application to either play back an existing file or start a new recording.
Files can be downloaded from the host to the Etherstore. These may either be files previously recorded by the Etherstore, or scenarios which a user has generated.
This is simple, it will need to be returned to us for a hardware update and then you download the Etherstore RF environment application.

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