The smallest fully featured USB powered protocol analyser platform on the market!

The smallest fully featured USB powered protocol analyser platform on the market! 90mm x 78mm x 20mm and only 110g!  The mini-moreph enables wideband capture of the entire 2.4GHz ISM band, simultaneously capturing and decoding multiple wireless technologies. With its exceptional receiver linearity and dynamic range, built-in spectrum analysis, up to 16 logic analyser channels and the ability to monitor all 13 WiFi channels simultaneously, it is powerful for its size. The mini-moreph offers truly portable sniffing with AUTONOMOUS CAPTURE, our standalone mode. Put it in your pocket today!

Key features.

  • Channel Sounding ready!
  • Small footprint: 90mm x 78mm x 20mm.
  • USB powered.
  • AUTONOMOUS CAPTURE standalone mode.
  • All 13 WiFi channels monitored simultaneously.
  • TRUE WiFi PACKET TIMING for timestamping packet arrival.
  • Simultaneous RX/TX over the entire 2.4GHz ISM band.
  • Live or post-capture decryption.
  • 16-channel logic analyser option.
  • Support for BR/EDR, LE, Qualcomm QBHSL IEEE 802.15.4, and LE Audio.
  • Custom 2.4GHz PHY’s available upon request.
  • microSD card slot.
  • blueSPY Protocol Analyser included with a perpetual licence that runs native on Windows, macOS and Linux.


No, mini-moreph is a fully featured Protocol analyser which can also be connected to a host and used in a development environment, it just takes up less room on the desk!
No, mini-moreph has been optimised for size so currently can only be used as a sniffer. It can of course perform all the RF analysis required for sniffing but is not calibrated for Bluetooth specification measurement; the moreph30 can be used for either.
mini-moreph can be powered from a USB battery and boot from an internal SD card where any captures can be stored, there is no need for a host connection. As easy as carrying a smart phone and a must have for ‘field’ work.
For co-existence monitoring you need to know when the WiFi packet arrives; as both the Bluetooth and WiFi signals go through the moreph SDR, the packet timings are exact.

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