RFcreations is a core team of highly skilled and knowledgeable, professional engineers with decades of experience across the design and development of both RF and digital hardware, embedded, protocol stacks and UI software. Inclusive of production test for industry leading customers and partners. From semiconductors, through high-value consumer end-products to disruptive wireless connectivity eco-systems, we understand the complexities involved in the journey from ‘idea’ to ‘production’.

Based in Cambridge we embrace the heritage of the exceptional innovation and disruptive technology that has gone before us and strive to contribute to this tradition.

Our vision is to create analysis and measurement products from first principles that really solve our customers’ challenges, not to simply replicate what is already available.

For engineers by engineers.

We have a ‘Can do’ personality and thrive on solving both the technical and commercial challenges for our customers often with a sense of humour! Offering a refreshing alternative to the incumbent environment.

We are people driven and listen, this enables us to learn and then apply this learning to our products ensuring that our innovative thinking is tangible and relevant. All our solutions are based upon what our customers really need. They are then endorsed by disruptive business and support models that address the ‘total cost of ownership’ barrier for everyone!

Dr. Tim Newton

Chief Technical Officer

Tim has spent his life taking apart radars, sonars, optical systems, and a substantial number of radios in a desperate attempt to understand how they work. During his spare time, he relaxes by trying to put them back together!

Patrick Stewart

Chief System Architect

Patrick is a man of much action but very few words!

Peter Ford

Head of development – blueSPY​

Peter is a mathematician, physicist and musician with a background in Antarctic fluid dynamics, Ancient Greek machine-learning, and NB-IoT radios. He is currently designing analysis software to help engineers build better Bluetooth experiences.

Tracy Hopkins

VP Sales & Marketing ​

Tracy has spent many years in the wireless and IoT industries. She has a real passion for people, technology, cats and cars and thrives on solving customer challenges both technically and commercially. With a ‘can do’ personality and a genuine belief that “there is no spoon”!

Jan Slodičák

Wireless Software Engineer

Jan is a multi-disciplined engineer who lists robotics as a hobby along with scoring goals on the football pitch, who is as comfortable on a snowboard as on a cycle, not in Cambridge of course! He is ensuring that LE Audio offers the best experience for end consumers by enabling innovative measurement tools.

Munveer Virdee

Production Manager

Munveer is a Mechanical Engineer with a background in Fluid Dynamics, Solid Mechanics and Optimisation. Adaptable and pragmatic, he enjoys a tough challenge. In his free time, you’ll likely find him on his bike, in the gym or supporting his favourite, beloved football team.

Simon Campbell-Colwill

Software Engineer

Simon has a passion for mathematics and physics which he is using to solve new challenges. Using dynamical systems to enrich the blueSPY experience. He likes to make artwork in his free time and to cycle across the Cambridgeshire countryside.

Andrew Bainbridge

Senior Software Engineer

Andrew once spent three years writing a dog simulator for the Sony PlayStation. After that he spent a happy decade at Cambridge Silicon Radio making Kalimba DSPs work. These days he relaxes by welding-up the sills on rusty Mazda’s so he can come third over and over again in amateur motorsport events.

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