An audio measurement tool for your LE Audio or Auracast™ Product. Measure audio latency: end-to-end, between-channels, relative to on-air packets and ‘presentation delay’.

audiopod offers an industry first! A USB powered audio measurement tool which integrates seamlessly with the RFcreations mini-moreph and moreph30 protocol analysers to generate and record audio over a variety of analogue and digital interfaces. Each audio stream is timestamped using the same clock as the protocol analyser, allowing the audio streams to be aligned with Bluetooth packets and displayed in the blueSPY GUI. This timestamping enables a variety of audio latency measurements to be made, including end-to-end, between-channel, and on-air packets to captured audio streams. This is a must-have to ensure compliance with the presentation delay requirement of the LE audio specification.

Key features.

Audio that you can measure

  • Audio latency measured end-to-end, between-channels or relative to on-air packets in real time.
  • Audio capture and generation accurately timestamped relative to Bluetooth packets.


Audio usage scenarios

  • Measure LE Audio Presentation Delay.
  • Measure SYNC between Left and Right channels.


Advanced Logic analysis

  • Up to 16 logic lines.
  • Configurable voltage threshold and hysteresis.


Current measurement

  • Selectable full-scale deflection.
  • 8µs resolution
  • 13bit precision.


Timeline view

  • Audio streams visible on blueSPY timeline.
  • Logic lines and buses visualised in real-time.
  • Device power consumption displayed in real-time.



  • Can be used with all RFcreations mini-moreph and moreph30 blueSPY protocol analysers.

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The morephCS can measure time-of-flight and linear phase regression to nano-second accuracy.

The DUT can be tested without being connected to an HCI interface. The morephCS can be manually configured to send out an initiator sequence to the DUT that has been configured as a reflector and is waiting for a Mode 0 transmission. When you run the morephCS the DUT will respond. The morephCS can also act as the reflector with the DUT as initiator. The IQ data is collected during the CS procedure.

Yes, morephCS can perform the “Part H”/”Channel Sounding Layer” tests as well as the RF PHY tests including:

  • modifying transmitted signals to simulate MITM attacks.
  • measuring time of flight and sounding-sequence-based phase linear regression
  • correctness of packet payloads and new channel maps
morephCS can also be used as LE, BR/EDR, QBHSL or 802.15.4 RF PHY Layer Testers, a WiFi Traffic generator or as any of the blueSPY Protocol Analyser options, simply with added licences and application software. It can also be upgraded to provide the morephE Record and Playback functionality, but a hardware modification is required if not initially purchased.

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