A preview of moreph50, our newest moreph family member!

WiFi a/b/g/n/ac/6/6E 4×4 with WiFi 7 4×4 as upgrade. BLE, BR/EDR, Channel Sounding and proprietary protocols. BT diversity and integrated antennas. Upgradable to HDT and Higher Bands. The only protocol analyzer that you will ever need!
“Channel Sounding Physical Layer RF Tester. Validate your implementation now! Used at the BT SIG Channel Sounding IOP Sessions”
The world’s smallest USB powered wideband Protocol Analyser.

…a different perspective.

The moreph software defined radio at the core of our products offers a new perspective for signal measurement, analysis, and generation. A two second boot time, compact footprints, and futureproofing via the use of applications to provide defined feature sets. This allows moreph to evolve from a packet sniffer to a PHY layer tester, to a real-time spectrum analyser with a simple download, you only purchase what you need when you need it!

see the difference

…for engineers by engineers

A wideband 2.4 GHz signal analyser and generator. Includes a full bandwidth, high dynamic range transmitter, wideband CW source. The moreph30’s ultra linear receive and transmit chain will ensure that you never miss a packet!

A RF record/playback option for the moreph30, adds the capability to record and playback the entire 2.4GHz ISM band. Exactly what you need for RF site surveys, spectrum planning, interoperability, and receiver testing.

The smallest USB powered protocol analyser on the market! 90mm x 78mm x 20mm and only 110g!  Wideband capture of the entire 2.4GHz ISM band. Truly portable sniffing with autonomous capture mode, put it in your pocket today!

The world’s ONLY concurrent multi-standard wideband protocol analyser, blueSPY can be used on both the moreph30 and mini-moreph hardware platforms. With a simple to use UI and support for Windows, macOS and Linux it is the only protocol analyser that you will ever need!

Years of experience with a fresh philosophy

Our goal is to enable our customers to focus on product development and support their challenges throughout the product development lifecycle with a focus on ‘time to market’.

Evolution to a new technical standard, adding a protocol function update or a bespoke packet format is simple, you can trust us to keep providing what you need, when you need it!

Why Choose Us

Our people

We are all engineers and are ready to listen We have a real passion for both people and technology and a vision to challenge current thinking, tell us what you need?

The products

Simple to use and designed for solving real world challenges, the smallest, the most cost effective and the most flexible, they really do what you want!

"Can Do” ethos

Do you have a bespoke packet format or protocol, talk to us? We have experience of doing this to offer the full PHY Layer testing or sniffing experience.

Working with us

We don’t just sell equipment! We have innovative business models and Partner Programs to ensure that we are inclusive, everyone can experience our different perspective.

WE DON’T BELIEVE in compromising on quality…

Flexibility, reliability, and quality has been designed-in from conception and all products are designed in our Cambridge office and manufactured in the UK. The moreph family offer a different perspective on analysis and measurement equipment, contact us, and see this difference for yourself.

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