A wideband 2.4 GHz signal analyser and generator, specifically designed for very fast PHY Layer Testing with no additional equipment.

A wideband 2.4 GHz signal analyser and generator. Specifically designed for PHY Layer Testing. The moreph SDR at the core enables a 2 second booth time, a full bandwidth, high dynamic range transmitter and receiver, that can simultaneously RX/TX over the entire 2.4GHz ISM band. An integrated CW signal generator covering 25MHz to 6GHz ensures that you will not require any other test equipment! Upgrade moreph30 with any of our test and measurement options, evolve it into a protocol analyser with blueSPY, or get them all – the choice is yours.

Key features.

Supports all bt 5.4 phy test cases

  • Extensive coverage with no additional test equipment, USB, and Ethernet host interfaces.
  • C/I, blocking & intermodulation signals generated internally.
  • Accurate power control to -115dBm for coded PHY tests.
  • Full support for in-band emissions.


Advancd features

  • Channel Sounding RF-PHY (Early Adopter).
  • Ultra-linear receiver and transmitter.
    • Built-in 6GHz CW source.
  • Simultaneous monitoring of all WIFI channels.
  • Options for BR/EDR, BLE, QBHSL, IEEE 802.15.4 Channel Sounding (BETA) and customized PHY’s.


Very fast, reduces total test time

  • 2 second boot time.
  • In-band emissions test completes in 2.5ms.
  • Rapid connection to device under test:
    • Inquiry and page packets TX on multiple channels simultaneously.
    • RX listens on all channels simultaneously.


Application based gui and api

  • Dedicated RF-PHY Applications.
  • WiFi traffic generator.
  • Record and Playback Application.
  • Development and Production Test Options.
  • blueSPY Protocol Analyser (Sniffer).
    • Channel Sounding (CS) capture.
    • 16 Channel Logic Analysis.


  • Bluetooth BR/EDR RF-PHY Tester (Development and Production Options).
  • Bluetooth BLE RF-PHY Tester (Development and Production Options).
  • Bluetooth Channel Sounding RF-PHY Tester.
  • 802.15.4 RF Tester.
  • Qualcomm QBHSL RF-PHY Tester.
  • Bluetooth LE Advertise and scan simulator.
  • WiFi traffic generator.
  • blueSPY Protocol Analyser Options (Sniffer).


The Development version offers the complete UI and API (Python/C dll) interfaces, the production version only offers the API interfaces.
The design of the moreph30 hardware platform is such that it can be used independently as either a PHY-layer tester or a protocol analyser, or have both options. The functionality is dependent upon the software applications enabled.
For co-existence monitoring you need to know when the WiFi packets arrive in relation to the Bluetooth packets. All 13 WIFI channels are monitored simultaneously, as BlueSPY detects WiFi packets using the same receiver chain as the Bluetooth the clocks are synchronized, thus guaranteeing perfect alignment of the WiFi and Bluetooth timestamps.
When in sniffing mode the moreph30 can pick up the loud, close signals whilst still listening to weak, far off signals; so all packets are received all of the time.

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